Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sea Wolf and Federal Hill

About two weeks ago now, I went with some friends to a Sea Wolf/Nada Surf show. Eric from work, being the "on top of it" person that he is, ordered these tickets about 3 months ago. Then November came and I was pleasantly surprised when he reminded us we had a show to go to in Baltimore.

I have never been to Federal Hill but I now intend to go back in the near future. I loved the all brick rowhouses, brick streets, and crowded alleyways. It was the perfect setting for Sea Wolf. While at first look they seem to be hailing from the Midwest, are actually based out of Los Angeles. The club, 8x10, had a nice intimate setting where one could view the stage from either the floor or the wrap around balcony. We chose the balcony that night and weren't disappointed.

Anyway here are some pics from the night and if you haven't checked out Sea Wolf's new album Leaves In The River, get out there and grab a hold of the perfect fall soundtrack.

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