Wednesday, November 21, 2007


My friend Jon Depompa is the dirtiest bird east of the mississippi.


-John Thornley

NEW Sun Kil Moon Release

That's right. Coming to farmhouse landscapes everywhere...Sun Kil Moon's new album "April" is being released on April 1, 2008 on Caldo Verde Records.
If you happened to miss "Ghosts Of The Great Highway" get it now. Seriously...

P.S. I really hope this isn't some elaborate April Fools joke Mark Kozelek is planning b/c that would just be cruel.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Teenagers....

are racy these days. Some new music from across the Atlantic. Check out the song below "Starlett Johanssen" and see if you recognize what movie it's from.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Every monday, I will be posting the "Soft Rock Pop Pick" of the week. Complete with album cover, backstory, and link or stream of the song, because what better to get you through a dreary Monday afternoon than a little soft rock pop.

Our kick off pick this week is a band called "Orleans." Formed in the 70's, these bearded boys boosted up the charts with the hits "Dance With Me", Love Takes Time" and today's pick, "Still The One." With tight vocal harmonies and even tighter jeans, they wiggled their way into America's hearts with the sentiment every lover wants to hear, "We're still having fun and your still the one."

So feel free to take off your shirt as you put this song on repeat and shake off those post weekend blues.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sea Wolf and Federal Hill

About two weeks ago now, I went with some friends to a Sea Wolf/Nada Surf show. Eric from work, being the "on top of it" person that he is, ordered these tickets about 3 months ago. Then November came and I was pleasantly surprised when he reminded us we had a show to go to in Baltimore.

I have never been to Federal Hill but I now intend to go back in the near future. I loved the all brick rowhouses, brick streets, and crowded alleyways. It was the perfect setting for Sea Wolf. While at first look they seem to be hailing from the Midwest, are actually based out of Los Angeles. The club, 8x10, had a nice intimate setting where one could view the stage from either the floor or the wrap around balcony. We chose the balcony that night and weren't disappointed.

Anyway here are some pics from the night and if you haven't checked out Sea Wolf's new album Leaves In The River, get out there and grab a hold of the perfect fall soundtrack.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Probably the last person to listen to this album....

I feel like I'm early on enough things where I can afford to come late to the party on others. For reasons I have all but forgotten now, I was totally against Amy Winehouse last year. I had this idea in my head that her and Lilly Allen were bitter rivals and I was required to take sides, and whichever side I took, I would have to forever forsake contact with the other party. Well I chose Lilly Allen and was quite happy with my choice (even despite her most recent forrays into modeling and hosting her own tv show).

Well I finally broke down recently and actually listened to Amy's album, (probably b/c I forgot why I was banning it), and I love it. I know everyone is probably over it by now but man I am digging this album.

So here's to overcoming your fears, your pride, and finding new things to appreciate every day.

P.S. - I still think she's dirty...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Monthly Playlist

Each month I will be posting a playlist with a theme. Last month was a fall inspired selection of songs. This month's "Saturday Night Soundtrack" is intended to aid and abet whatever your plans may be for the weekend. Also throughout the month I will be adding songs to the list as I feel inclined. All playlists will probably be a mix of old and new songs....really whatever fits the bill of the theme. Also let me know if you have any suggestions for themes...i.e - you really just want me to get together a mix for your next party.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


As if Kenny Loggins album cover for "Keep The Fire" wasn't flashy enough, I've come to find that he may have found inspiration from an interesting source.

Doug Henning changed the image of the stage magician when he rejected such stereotypical costume accessories as the tuxedo, top hat, thin moustache, goatee, jazz hands and short hair. He opted instead for long hair, a bushy moustache, and bright multicoloured casual clothes, which gave him a distinctively flamboyant image.

Which could in a sense be compared to Kenny Loggins impact on the soft rock music community?? Hmmm....maybe thats a stretch.